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MEDICATION POLICY:  All medications to be administered at school will be brought to the appropriate office and safe guarded in a locked area as designated by the nurse.  The parent/guardian must sign the Limestone County School System Administration of Medication Form granting permission for the child to receive medication at school.  The State Department of Education Medication Form must be used for all prescription medications (short- and long-term duration) and over the counter medications.

  • The parent/guardian must provide the school with medication that is in an original labeled prescription bottle/container.
  • The parent/guardian must provide the school with a new signed statement if medication orders are changed during the school year.
  • The parent/guardian or the parent designated responsible adult shall deliver all medication to the school nurse.
  • The parent/guardian shall pick up student's medication at the end of the school year.  Medications left at school after the course of administration or at the end of the school year will be destroyed by school personnel if not picked up by a parent. 
  • The parent/guardian shall give the first dose of a new medication at home in case of a possible allergic reaction.
  • The Limestone County school nurses will work with the school to set up safe and effective guidelines in medication administration.
  • Over the Counter (OTC) medications should only be given for chronic health conditions.

Medication Form ENGLISH

Medication Form SPANISH