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  About The School  

About Elkmont Elementary

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Elkmont Elementary School was establish in August of 2017, as a separate entity from the traditional K-12 school of Elkmont High School.  We are the home to 20 preK-5th grade classrooms and a variety of classrooms that serve special purposes such as art, music, special education, and gifted education.  Our student body of approximately 370 shares a campus with the Elkmont High School students body of approximately 750 students.  While we are 2 separate schools, we will continue to work together as a community to support the learning of all students and contribute positively back to the Elkmont community as a whole.  

Our students receive a variety of instructional strategies in our classrooms as our teachers seek to provide hands-on learning opportunities through AMSTI and ARI.  Our teachers work together in Professional Learning Communities to continuously strengthen their teacher knowledge and instructional practices.  

Our vision for all students is...

Our Mission at Elkmont Elementary School is